ICON Goes Green

ICON FOUNDATION opts for the environmentally friendly

Among the anticipated features of the new school buildings of Icon's ( School as Yet unnamed) campus
 and any upgrades and expansion on an existing building in event a property with existing buildings may be
              purchased as opposed to construction of entirely new buildings are: flooring that's actually made from sustainable
         bamboo, waterless urinals, and solar panels to enable the facility to produce some of its own electricity. ICON
     plans to install the latest energy-efficient heating and cooling system, adding skylights to reduce amount of
electricity used. We can save 20 to 40 percent on energy costs which will be extremely important to us.   
                         In  event the property lacks sufficient trees to provide shade and reflect esthetically, additional trees will be planted in
on the grounds.

                Students of all ethnicity and religions are welcome at any Icon International Foundation educational community or
educational program.

                 By investing our environmental concerns in our facilities: into new buildings and campus as a whole, perhaps we
                   may instill a conscientious concern in our students to thoughtfully respect all the wonderful creatures on this earth.

               The implementation of some environmental projects at Icon's new campus can create an addition to its learning

                     A few of the other Icon Green programs include Building healthy outdoor seating in the courtyard using natural and  
                         recycled materials in order to promote outdoor study.

Icon Board of Directors is currently considering one of two directions regarding purchase of property for its "accelerated      
program" resident-high school in Northern Nevada:  One property under consideration is a property of approximately six
hundred and forty acres with no buildings. However, a search will continue until late spring of 2014 for a large property with    
existing buildings. Should a decision be made in favor of the large acreage, the project will take several years to complete
but wild horses and any other creatures whose local habitat happened to be on the subject property will have the
freedom to remain.
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