Icon's environmental education and farm program was developed on a
small site in Kansas. Mr. Richard Mabion teaches local families about the
clean food program and heads our endeavors there.
Icon is currently concentrating on developing this important program in
California and Nevada  

Organic Vegetable Farms Program Benefits Children and Adults.

Clean Food Equates to Healthier Human Beings
Remember:     Our Children Are The Future of Our Country and The World

Some personal facts about Richard Mabion:      At age 18 Richard planned, organized and managed a community
youth center. At 20 he was a Drill Sergeant in the Vietnam conflict.  Mabion was the founder of the environmental
coalition, Building a Sustainable Earth Community (BSEC). BSEC which holds an annual environmental
conference "Breaking The Silence" in Kansas City, Kansas. Mr. Mabion has a BS from Phillip University and has
taken many post graduate courses at various educational institutions.

Richard Mabion served the City of St. Louis, Missouri (at different times) as: Citizen Participation Specialist;
Neighborhood Development Specialist and Community Development Specialist
Below are photos of some happy and healthy children
All Photos on this page
were provided by
Richard Mabion