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The Christa McAuliff organization in the State of Washington, which
was to provide the accelerated scholastic courses for Icon, has been
purchased by an honorable group, but which is not in the opinion of Icon's
Board of Directors, a satisfactory fit for Icon's educational programs.

Icon International Foundation
Since 1972

An Accelerated Educational Program Plus

We Must Educate The Children!

We Must Educate The Children,
to stop the loss of intelligence, talent, and contribution
needed to maintain our American way of life.

We Must Educate The Children,
in order that billions of our tax dollars may again be spent
on positive things for our citizens instead of supporting the
creation of homeless children, child prostitution, alcohol
and other drug addiction, child crime and child incarceration;
adult homelessness, addiction, crime and adult incarceration.

We Must Educate The Children!!


Executive Summary ……………………….………………………………………………………

Current Scenario…………………………………………….………………………………………

The Icon Solution …………………………………………………….………………
Our War Against Illiteracy, Homelessness, Drugs, Child Prostitution, and Incarceration.       
World class inspiration for children of all ages

It is 2007, Do You Know Where Your Tax Dollars Are [Going]??...............................................
Money hunters

The Prevailing Opinion …………………………………………………………………………….


Icon Foundation / Icon International Foundation, was founded by the Howard N. Rolfe family in 1971
becoming federally qualified in 1972-73, as a public benefit 501(c) (3) educational, charitable
foundation (corporation). The foundation is federally qualified to operate through out the United
States and internationally.  

Icon structured a total and effective educational program to provide extremely significant benefits to
the lives of many children from any walk of life. The program involves the need for a substantially
accelerated total scholastic program.

The blue print for the program was originally created to save the futures of children placed in out of
home circumstances by government agencies: foster homes provided by unrelated persons;
homes provided by relatives of the biological parents; children with responsible parents but in
financially distressed circumstances; children in group homes or other state run facilities.

As the reader continues to absorb the information we acquired through research and have provided
in the following pages you will realize that not only our children in seriously distressed
circumstances, but our children in the general population of our country, are in dire need of this
program. We have received inquiries from families able to pay tuition in order for their children to
enroll in I-EXCEL upon the opening of the first Icon College.

The grants and other donations we seek are, however, to cover our expense to provide the I-EXCEL
program for primarily out - of - home youngsters with virtually no hope for a stable productive
future. We seek funds to educate those children whose intelligence and talents are likely to be lost
forever to unemployment, welfare, homelessness, mental illness, drugs, and incarceration.

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Our Mission For I-EXCEL

Our Mission:  is to make the I-EXCEL, accelerated educational program, available to all children in
distressed circumstances but also to as many of the remaining 73% of the 47 million students of our
general population who are not receiving a viable education.  

Nearly a year of research, thought and planning has gone into what has emerged as the final details
of this program.   

The children.
We currently have over 1,000,000 million homeless children (that we know about) in our country.
There is a steady number of approximately 500,000 children annually in the U.S. that are forced to
live in outside – the - home environment due to abuse, otherwise unfit parents, or incapacitation of
parent(s) making it impossible for young children to be
cared for properly (children may be removed from  their homes for any number of reasons). There
are also children who quit high school to stay home and care for a parent or other sibling. About
1,000,000. children annually are involved in undesirable home
circumstances, but approximately half are returned to their primary home.
Our society is and has been steadily failing hundreds of thousands of children annually. Many of
these children in the beginning are among our brightest, and we have been allowing the lives of the
largest percentage of these youngsters to slowly disintegrate.

Many readers may not realize that the current conditions are also costing all American tax payers a
tremendous amount of money.  As you read the few following pages you will see that to help us end
this continuous drain of intelligence and loss of contribution to our country, the cost to you and all
American tax payers will be far less than it is costing us now!

Please continue to read.

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A Brief Heads-Up on Academics in America Today.

First we would like to brief you on the current educational condition of our youth.  In truth our
overall educational situation in our country is appalling.  

According to National Assessment of Educational Progress (the nation’s report card): Across the
country in general population Seventy Three (73% ) Percent of all of America’s 47 million public
school students are below proficiency in mathematics and reading, and Seventy (70%) Percent of
these students graduate from high school! Fifty (50%) Percent of students from families in lower
income ranges fail in even the most basic skills in any of their respective grades, and if they reach
grade 12 they are about 4 grade levels behind the other students in scholastic achievement.
Meaning, since 50% of these students graduate, that upon a school graduating them, they are still
not equipped to go out into the work force.  

Due to the manner in which our system operates, the steady half a million children living in out of
home circumstances lose weeks, months and ultimately fail grades and the loss of self esteem sets
in. They loose their education, their futures, their ability to become effective, contributing adults –
AND - it costs the American tax payers billions of dollars per year and ultimately over the long run,
an unknowable amount of money. By not taking care to effectively educate these children, we are all
virtually paying to allow their lives to be ruined and their potential contributions to society, their
intelligence, their talents, their potential for leadership, all things that America is in desperate need
of - to be lost!   If the plight of these children does not touch your compassion or emotion, it should
certainly as Americans, catch the attention of our logic and concern for our country. It requires
only a moment’s reflection on exactly where our tax dollars would be best spent. These children are
our country’s future. Perhaps even the quality of the future of the world could weigh on some of
these children.   

The current – as it has been for years - scenario in America involving hundreds of thousands of our
young boys and girls is a situation that is cause for extremely serious concern.  This is an on-going
loss of futures of tens of thousands of children every
year. It is a staggering cost and loss to society. We should not  forget the lives of misery as these
children move on to adult hood.  This is not just about the loss of the futures of a group of children
in one year – we are talking about an on-going annual situation.
It is not a case of suddenly in 2006 or 2007 or 2008, there being 500,000 children’s lives in potential
jeopardy due to loss of an education, this is every year. It has been every year for many years.  As
youngsters move past a designated age they must leave the foster homes. With no where to go and
not prepared for a job that will support them, they are out on the streets. A large percentage of these
children, for various reasons will leave their out of home situations by running away out of a feeling
of hopelessness, most will have failed in school, they simply leave and don’t look back. Where ever
they go, and for whatever the reason they slip out of the system, they are quickly replaced by other
child victims.

Do you not believe that we are all paying – in cash – to make this happen? Well we are. Every tax
payer in America is paying to allow this loss to occur.

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About one million (1,000,000.) American children per annum are involved in home circumstances
that, to those children are stressful, debilitating, saddening, and in most cases, frightening. These
circumstances destroy a child’s emotional sense of security. With about half of these children
returned to their parents, it leaves half a million children remaining in the “system” for various
periods of time, some for many years.  Some are moved from foster home to foster home in the
residences of strangers. Some of these homes have proven to be less than desirable) some are
placed in the homes of relatives of one or the other parent, some live in group homes or other state
facilities. Some fortunate ones are adopted by people who care. But the number of children steadily
year in, year out, that live in this state of uncertainty, continues to be around half a million.   

These children lose weeks and months of school time, and ultimately fail classes and then grades.
All but the most marginal percentage voluntarily drop out of school or are forced to do so due to
loss of class time. Most having lost their education and their self esteem turn to alcohol or other
drug abuse. They feel lost and have no purpose, they break the law, become incarcerated. They live
off of the state on welfare and are supported in our jails.

Many babies are born to the girls and to women as these children become adults. The results are
many abortions (medical costs to tax payers). But many more babies grow up to maintain that
steady half a million children, and then more adults for the states
to support one way or the other. There are also the babies born of addicted mothers. In general,
many children develop mental health problems – no surprise. A few go to state mental institutions
(supported by taxes), but more often these children wander the streets. It is a case of steady
deterioration, mental and physical. Many of these youngsters, boys and girls, turn to prostitution,
living on the streets and dying on the streets in cities. There is a high incidence of suicide among
these young people. As older adults they continue to live off of the states and, or spend long
periods incarcerated. Some simply become homeless, surviving on the streets and in shelters living
derelict existences, still breaking laws and spending portions of their lives behind bars  Not a pretty
picture for us to be supporting with our tax dollars. Especially when it could be different!

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The Icon Solution.

Our war against illiteracy, child abuse, drugs, child prostitution, homelessness, incarceration.

First we must admit it is unlikely that any plan can ever be devised to alleviate this problem one
hundred percent.

However, there are many of us who know that while we cannot alter certain circumstances in the
subject children’s lives, assuring them of an education and preferably an above average education
will give them the tools they need to make their lives “work.”   

At first glance, it may seem a simple thing of little consequence  But, among other things, we need
to call to the attention of these children, the fact of great heroes who in their past and even during
the life times of today's children, have faced great fear and great obstacles and have yet
accomplished amazing things. People which for one reason or another have lived distressed
childhoods or experienced profoundly negative life altering occurrences as young adults, and who
surmounted those obstacles to become more than contributing adults in the world, but examples of
the ability of the human spirit. . Most children even in the best home circumstances have no Heroes
today. It does not need to be put in writing, we all know why. Real heroes are being overlooked as
incidental for the most part by today’s society in our country.  

The million homeless and the additional half a million children annually, that we refer to in this
document have little or no chance for future stability in life without someone extending a hand to
them. Most children in their own homes with stable parents have at least the opportunity for
education - even if many are not given the inspiration to excel.     

We do not by any means deny that there is a percentage of fine comfortable homes where the first
consideration of the parents, is the children. We are not giving space here to the successful
families. God bless them. Many of the children of these families will also take advantage of I–EXCEL.
and become scholars of the program.

Icon’s “I – EXCEL” program (Part I) consists of only several but extremely important components.
(1) laptop computers for each enrolled child; (2) an accelerated scholastic program as created for
each grade; (3)  arrangements with various junior colleges for I– EXCEL  scholars in the last quarter
of  their 11th year, to challenge first year college courses in order to enroll in four year colleges in
sophomore classes. (Part II) creation of small colleges in every state with on-campus residences for
students and house parents.  .

World class inspiration for children of all ages. Children need inspiration. A child’s (or an adult’s)
inspiration to continue to strive in a forward direction in life, can allow a person, even a child to
surmount some extremely formidable objects:

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Christa McAuliffe, loveley and young, a teacher, astronaut, while not having a distressed childhood,
is a hero for her courage, energy, and dauntless ambition to explore the unknown, to step into the

Helen Keller, deaf and blind from birth, world renowned writer and activist;

Steven Hawking, was struck down by Lou Gehrig’s disease in his early 20s
(disease usually terminal). Hawking in spite of being paralyzed and relegated to a wheel chair has
become one of the most currently renowned Physicist in the world;  

April Holmes, below the knee amputee – result of a train accident. April was a three- time NCAA
Track and Field, All American. Wearing a special running prosthesis she is today World Record
holder of the 100-and 200-meter sprints.

Paddy Rossback, RN, ACA President and CEO, an amputee since age of 6. Paddy Rossback is a
health care provider and while not involved directly in the field of education, her wisdom applies
directly to our goals. She says: If children feel ashamed and incapable [they are defeated]. On the
other hand, if they are encouraged, they will grow in confidence and succeed in life. Paddy is proof
of this!!

Not every child, but many children’s spirits can be crushed through such a combination of facts as
debilitating home environment resulting from parental abuse or drug use in the home, then removal
from the home; constant residence upheaval and absence of a loved one to ground the child, to
lend emotional stability – the resultant loss of weeks of school class time that become months of
time lost and then failure. Other children can become depressed, angry and hateful toward life, and

Generally we expect most children when enrolled in I-EXCEL will be about 8 to 10 years
in age. However, the younger the child is to begin the program, the better. There is also the
possibility of some students past the normal high school age who lost time and failed, but who are
willing to work hard to catch up - to ultimately achieve a college education. .

I–EXCEL, is geared for completion of the high school curriculum in three years (or even less)
instead of four,  and resulting in three years of college at a four year college to earn a degree.

The program will save time and save the futures of countless children, cut the college costs by 25%,
and allow the scholar to obtain a Bachelors degree in three years or less.

The I–EXCEL program will be totally effective alone or along with the child’s enrollment in any
public (or private) school system. With a child attending a (regular) school and also enrolled in I–
EXCEL, the scholar will move scholastically up to the level of his/her peers, even while having
experienced a significant loss of time, and will then continue to surpass that level.  (In rare cases
where a valid, medically proven learning disability exists, this
may not be the result.)

Children enrolled in this program may progress as rapidly as their ability allows. Some scholars
may complete their total high school curriculum in less than the projected three years.

We believe that in any safe living environment, given the right educational tools, guidance,
enthusiasm, and determination by someone who cares, most children will excel scholastically and
dramatically improve their chances for success in life.

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It is 2007,   Do You Know Where Your Tax Dollars Are [Going]???

(All monetary information reflected hereafter has been obtained through researched statistics from
various sources available to the general public)

Unfortunately the following only scratches the surface of the actual dollar cost to American tax

High school drop-outs are much more likely to occupy subsidized housing than adults with a
college degree.  About 1/3rd of all households headed by an 18 to 69 year old man having dropped
out of high school - live in public housing or private housing units
where rents are subsidized by federal/state government.

•        Subsidized housing units increase the fiscal burden on the rest of the tax paying public.

•        2006 statistics indicate (from a sampling of states) that tax payers pay from $22,650. to $44,000.
per annum to support “each” adult inmate in state prisons.

•        According to several government statistical reports: In 2003 the United States spent
$185 Billion on corrections (incarceration) judicial, and related services.  By the end of 2005, 1 of
every 136 U.S. residents was incarcerated in state, federal prison or local jails.

•        The State of Texas says it spends at least “$72,000,000. per year on those incarcerated, mostly
on drug convictions for less than one gram (less than a sugar packet) when the funds would be
much better invested in education, families and any
alternatives that work.” (We believe the “alternative that works” is education – statistics prove our

States differ in their cost per incarcerated individual. One example, In California in 2007 and 2008 it
is costing $43,149.00 per person per annum in regular CDCR Prisons;
It is costing $216,081.00  per
person per annum for youth and young adults through the Department of Juvenile Justice.

•        Illinois pays  $7 Billion annually into the criminal justice system.

•        Arizona in 2004 was cost, $252 Million, 50% of which comes from the federal government
(taxes) and 50% from state and local taxes. These costs primarily cover teen pregnancy and the
results thereof, public health care, child welfare and incarceration (all from tax dollars).  Between
1991 and 2004 there were 158,300 teen births in Arizona which cost the tax payers $3.4 Billion.

•        Costs for teens and young adults incarcerated in Arizona are currently estimated at $75,000.
per person, per annum and more for adults...

•        National costs (taxes) resulting from teen births and associated medical and child welfare is
$9.1 Billion per annum.

Page  7

2/3rds of people leaving prisons are re-arrested as a result of committing collectively,thousands
more crimes. During these periods additional uneducated young people are coming into an age
where they will commit crimes, in most cases because they need money and are not equipped for
productive employment.

From that point involvement in drugs begins. Combine robbery and drugs, and then we have
murders resulting many times from the panic and fear of the perpetrator.

•        Prison inmates who participate in vocational training are less likely to become recidivists than
those who do not. This is not necessarily comforting. Committing crimes, going to prison, and then
getting just enough education to find a low paying job is not
a desirable process. We need to educate our young in the beginning!

Consider the costs of crime victimization born by citizens and insurance holders. This is as costly
or more so, than the welfare and incarceration costs!

•        It is clear at this time - and unfortunately proof of the recurring generation after generation, on-
going tragedy -  that as many as 10 million American children, or 14 percent of all our American
children under the age of 18 have a parent or parents who are
or have been incarcerated. Most of this population are in distressed circumstances and it has been
proven that unless children in these circumstances receive an outstanding education in order to
break the cycle – these children will also have negative futures
involving drugs, child prostitution,  alcohol, homelessness, law breaking and incarceration – and
the cycle will continue when they become adults with more children

Admittedly, from a financial standpoint, this is very good business for the private sector
corporations which own many of our prisons – however, it means the insidious destruction of
millions of young American lives and is proving to cause the gradual
erosion of the American way of life, and we tax payers are supporting it..  

•        Most high-school drop-outs receive cash income transfers i.e. welfare money, food stamps,
health care, maternity, public housing, homeless shelters, and child care subsidies. However,
according to federal law, any person convicted of a felony cannot
under any circumstances receive food stamps, etc. So, upon being released from prison with no
funds, and no home, and not equipped for employment, how many days or weeks will it take for the
person to be re-arrested for theft, prostitution  - or? ?

•        Growth in overall state spending on prisons/incarceration has outpaced spending on
education, health care, and natural resources. Expenditures on corrections (incarceration)  
increased over the last 20 years from$15,600,000,000. (Billion) to  $38,200,000,000. (Billion) “and is
continuing to escalate.”

These billions of dollars account for only a portion of our tax dollars being spent to cover the costs
of not educating our American children.    

We must educate the children. This is the only way we will ever be able to slow what has become
what could be described as an insidious decease for which, we the American tax payers have
prepared a perfect habitat in order for it to thrive.

Page  8

We have not approached statistics on race or color. Because, it is irrelevant!  All our citizens, no
matter the race or color deserve the opportunity and the ability to help make America a better place.
All our citizens should be educationally capable of striving to
assure that America will continue to be the place it was meant to be in the beginning. Our current
statistics in these matters prove that our current national circumstances of education and throw
away children are more than counter productive as a means of maintaining the “American Way of
Life.” All American children deserve a quality education so that their adult lives will be better and
consequently their children will grow up expecting to and will, live better lives in more stable family

Please Consider the Following:

(a sample of just three states)
(1)        The justice system in Arizona is costing tax payers approximately $75,000. per year for its
incarcerated youth and young adults.   
(2)        The justice system in California is now costing tax payers approximately $216,081. per year
for its incarcerated youth and young adults.
(3)        Annually, Illinois spends per incarcerated youth $70,827. more than seven times the
amount budgeted per pupil per year for K-12 education.

“ Icon can provide children with a superb, accelerated education – per child for many thousands of
dollars less per year.” (This includes their laptop, accelerated educational program and
teachers/mentors, plus additional support intended to instill enthusiasm and determination.)

Icon’s research team discovered a document published by the Literacy Council of the State of
Arkansas. The following is from
their research:

•        A rise of just one percent in a nation’s literacy scores yields a 2.5 percent increase in labor
productivity and a 1.5 percent increase in GDP per person. These raw numbers mean a real
improvement in the quality of life.

•        If literacy levels in the U. S. were the same as they are in Sweden, the U.S. GDP would rise by
approximately $463 Billion and tax revenues would increase by approximately $162 Billion.

•        More than 40 percent of the U.S. workforce and more than 50 percent of high school graduates
do not have required basic skills for employment,

•        Education is essential in getting a high paying job. All but 2 of the 50 highest paying jobs
require a college degree.

•        A college degree is now the single greatest factor in determining access to better job
opportunities and higher earnings

•        Toyota will open a new automotive plant in Woodstock, Ontario in 2008, citing the low literacy
skills of the available labor force as the reason it declined millions of dollars of incentives to build
the new plant in the United States.

Page  9  

The Money Hunters.  

Peripheral to the Plan.
At the appropriate time of each year, for our scholars being prepared for enrollment in college, our
groups of retired teachers,professors and business executives will commence searching in behalf
of these students, grants from any and all sources
available. There are literally hundreds of sources for student grants. Most are small in amount. But
the amounts will add up. Icon plans to provide full college scholarships and supplemental
scholarships where other funds from other sources can be made
available. Searching and applying for these grants can be extremely time consuming. Considering
the intent behind this accelerated scholastic program, we will provide volunteers to assist. We want
the scholars studying, not spending weeks doing
grant research and application.  

While the final details are not complete, we are formulating a plan to provide temporary residences
for scholars who are being moved out of foster homes at a certain age and who are preparing to
enter college. These young boys and girls must not be put
out on the street after putting forth great effort studying hard in order to enroll in college to complete
their higher education. .

Page  10

The Prevailing Opinion.

The prevailing opinion as to the only viable solution to curb the devastation detailed in the prior
pages of this document is not solely the opinion of Icon International Foundation directors.

New York Mayor, Michael Bloomberg.

“Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation have given a $51.2 Million grant to New York City to support the
creation of 67 new small, challenging high schools citywide. The creation of these schools aims to
make it possible for more students to receive the high quality education necessary for success in
today’s demanding economy.”

Bloomberg also said: “Education, training and career ladders are now widely seen as the solution
to poverty.”

Literacy Council, State of Arkansas

Mrs. Laura Bush
(Speech to World Education Forum, 2005)
“Education helps freedom thrive. Citizens who are educated can choose for themselves, make up
their own minds, and assume their responsibilities as citizens. Education unleashes the creative
contributions of every citizen, to improve their own lives and to
build for the common good. Education benefits all, and education should be available to all.”

U. S. Secretary of Education Margaret Spellings

(Speech at UNESCO Conference, 2004)
“Education and literacy are necessities in a world devoid of certainty but abundant with
opportunity. Lives can be transformed – lifted over time from poverty and chaos to dignity and
independence. Education offers a ladder on which to climb and a foundation
upon which to stand. In this knowledge-based world, earning depends upon learning. Education
helps both people and nations
rise above their circumstances.”

National Research Council Committee on

Performance Levels for Adult Literacy,
National Academy of Sciences, 2005.

“Ideally, literacy skills are acquired as people progress through K-12 system in the country.
However, this system does not always work for those who pass through it, and many who have
immigrated to the U.S. have never participated in it.”

“Increasing societal and workplace demands may exceed what is taught in school creating
situations in which the skills of the populace are not aligned with the needs of the nation.”

Bill Clinton

“In this knowledge-based economy, what you earn depends on what you learn.”        

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The End