Our current Icon Village site is in Northern California near the town of
Clipper Mills.  Over 31 acres of beautiful trees and rustic campus area.
Icon Village in Northern California   
Target Beneficiaries:

Our target beneficiaries are from the tens of thousands of youngsters who experience a  point of crisis in their lives upon reaching the
age of 18, when they suddenly become homeless, with no income or support of any type.  Many of these youth will be aging out of
Foster Homes. Residents will generally be between ages 18 to 23 years. A substance abuse program is available when needed.

Not every foster child fits this description - however, most do. These thousands of homeless children across America are among our
"at risk" children, who without assistance end up on the streets of our towns and cities. They turn to prostitution, alcohol and other
drug addiction, thievery, then comes incarceration, in extreme cases murder and suicide. These are lives thrown away by us, the
public. These are futures of young human beings - of our children, that will never be lived unless we act!

Most of these children at one time had the desire to live in safety,  have an American job, a profession, or higher education. They had
dreams for their future.
Our Children Are The Future of Our Country and The World

Map of general current layout of the Clipper Mills, CA. Icon Village, with additional campus projects included.
We the management of the Foundation hope the youth graduating from any Icon Village, will have learned the
value of living their futures based upon:

1)  Strengthening and Living According to Their Personal Good Moral Character
2)  Standing Up For The Constitution of The United States of America
3)  Respect  for all living things including the planet we live on.
Icon Village Programs will encompass the following:

1) College Prep or degree programs
2)Vocational (various) Programs
3) Those with no High School Diploma will obtain Diploma through on-line accredited High School
4) Vocational Business Program:  Icon will establish in its commercial kitchen (on premises) a bakery. Those
wishing to learn this business will learn to be bakers and will be trained in business management. Upon
"graduating" from their training at the Village these youth will be given jobs by Icon in this business. This program is currently
being structured. There will be on-going expansion of this business with many of those "graduates" of this program continuing
to take part in its expansion.
This enterprise will creat incoming profit which will assis in the support and expansion of the Icon
 Management is considering additional business possibilities that would be feasible for this type of program.

All resident students regardless of their chosen study program will be required by their curriculum to complete:

                                               (  A)    Civics Study: Our American Constitution, etc
                                                ( B)    Importance of Human Character