Georgia F. Dayhoff
Internationally recognized
woodcarver. .
Greg Currier
Expert published
Professor Ed Nadeau
Noted landscape painter
Geoff Herguth
Master Metal Sculptor
Dr. Rick Howell
Noted land scape artist
Charles danford
Noted landscape.and
wild life painter
Erin Williams
Noted watercolorist
John Tayson
Noted landscape painter
Dr. Arshad Ahsanuddin
Expert Photographer
Wayne Cooper
Noted western painter
Jake Gaedike
Noted landscape painter
Lisa Danielle
Published western
Georgia F. Dayhoff
Internationally Noted
wood carver
Nadia Russ
Nationally recognized
James Loveless
Noted African American  
portrait and mural artist
Tom Jenkins
Master woodsculptor
Dale Pappas
Master (wood fired) potter
Unique product  
supports med. research
Ricardo Nagualero
Noted European Artist
Corrine Bongiovannie
Noted land scape painter
of major golf courses.
Charlotte Joy Chase
Nationally Noted
water colorist
Carolyn Caldwell,
Popular U.S. and Caribbean
painter and pastel artist
Rebecca Rivers
Multi- awards winning
water colorist
Ke Robinson
Popular painter of
under water scenes
Larry Smothers
Noted western painter
George Foott
Award-winning. Oil
paintings & Limited
edition pen and ink
Lyle Tayson, Jr.
Popular landscape and
still life painter
Yvette Loveless
Accomplished African
American abstract artist
Paint Horse Gallery
Kara Cross
Loveless Art Galleries
Melvin Johansen
Internationally celebrated
bronze sculptor
Russ Tanner,
Nationally celebrated, award
winning landscape artist.
Lindave Business Service
George Walbye
Bronze sculptor. His works  
are in collections in Europe,
Canada and U.S.
Grace Harbin Weaver
Unique fabric collages.
Commissioned, award-
Ella Rose Perry
Weavor: Navajo Rugs. Hand
spun wool ans vegetal-dyed..
Multi-award winning
Pamela Lee
Sculptor. Sought by
James Biggers
Painter - world traveled,
published artist
Susan Austin
Noted landscape and
wildlife artist
David Vollbracht
Nationally noted painter
of western landscape
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