"If a nation expects to be ignorant and 'free' - in a state of civilization - it expects what never was and
never will be."
and Icon Foundation
501 (c)(3) Educational and Charitable
OUR MISSION:  To educate in schools and programs and to support any other worthy
charitable causes that may enhance mankind's mental and philosophical evolution in all that
is fine and noble.
An Educational and Charitable Foundation:  501(c) (3);  509 (a)(1) and 170 (b)(1)(A)(ii)  Federally qualified since 1973
A CHANGE OF PLAN   As some of our followers may already be aware, the Board of Directors of Icon
were contacted some time ago regarding our planed high school and our proposed unusual
characteristics of its educational processes. After much conversation, suggestions and deliberation,
we have been convinced, not to specifically abandon our university high school but to build and create
a new special university: Nevada Institute of Science (NIS). But we will not forget younger scholars.
Plans include working with the high schools in close proximity to the new Institute, to accommodate
their advanced students with a special program.

This new facility will be in North Eastern Nevada
The  photo at right,  
was taken at a party hosted by 'Community
Foundation of Northern Nevada'
at their Grant
Award Ceremony on June 26th, 2012 in Reno,
Nevada. In the photo are: many of the
Community Foundation representatives,
directors of other non profit organizations
and several directors of Icon Foundation,
including Harold Blethen Director of
Visionscope Institute, Michael Price V.P  of
Icon, Marie N. Rolfe Exec. Director of "Icon
International Foundation and Ms. Tracy
Peterson Turner, PhD Program Officer of the
Community Foundation of Northern Nevada.
A good time was had by all..         
Thomas Jefferson   1816
THE PLAN,  A large global law firm that usually produces over 300 tax exempt bond issuances
annually is currently working with Icon Foundation to complete the legal work for a multi-million dollar
Tax Exempt School Bond. The bonds will  pay for the property chosen for the school campus in North
Eastern Nevada, the building of the Institute plus an enterprise that will allow the school to have
income for operations and scholarships. Management anticipates the school will not open before Fall
of 2017. Plans include a campus large enough to include: tennis; stables - horses and more. Included
in the overall design being considered an enclosed piazza or park into which student dorms will open,
for excellent student security.   
Below are photos of sections of other facilities
illustrating our intention to use:
sky lights, and a
circular design for the main structure. We are
using the facilities in these photos only as
examples to give you an idea of our plan.
Also our building designs must accommodate
for possible snow fall.  Architect's
Illustrations will be available soon.
Visionscope Institute
The Institute presents free educational lectures at medical
facilities by professionals in the fields of eye diseases, eye
care. The Director of the Institute also holds regular sessions
at Senior Centers for discussion and to provide educational
materials. The Institute provides when possible, fee electronic
readers to those who cannot afford them. Topics covered are
such as, current results of research at leading research
facilities and "determining to retain one's independence while
dealing with deteriorating vision."
Meet the Ambassadors
of goodwill, sent to Earth
by a powerful Wizard to
help protect children of
all ages.
Please check out how
the Thunbuddies work
to teach children to
prevent Bullying
DeCouto Group
International works to
stamp out

Our Children are the Future of our Country and the World
INTERNATIONALLY KNOWN SCIENTISTS and a hands-on project for a segment of the Earth
Sciences Department will be one million square feet (1,000,000) of proprietary closed system
technology Acuaponics facility.

Icon International Foundation scientists and engineers have spent 12 years improving all aspects of
this science. Scientists claim the science behind Icon's aquaponics project to be about 8 years ahead
of the currently popular process. The amount of production and such minimal consumption of water is
more than amazing. Internationally known Research Scientist, Doctor Nicholas Savidov and our
Engineer Ronald W. Clark are just two of the professionals that will continue to be involved in the new
educational facility and the science hands-on foods project.  Please click on
above for information on our
World Food Program.