"Our  children  are the  future  of  our  country  and  the world!"
"If a nation expects to be ignorant and 'free' - in a state of civilization - it expects what never was and never will be.
and Icon Foundation
501 (c)(3) Educational and Charitable
Update. (photos below of CA property)   Our plans for the Yuba County California, Icon Village campus sadly are being totally
dissolved due to unresolved differences between  the Foundation and the Planning Commission local to the subject property, regarding
certain requirements of the school project plans.
Mackie  Farms.           Icon International Foundation's donations to Northern Nevada schools is made possible by the generosity of  
Mr. Stuart Mackie, owner of 'Mackie Farms' in Northern Nevada. It is our understanding that Mr. Stuart Mackie owns the largest peach
orchards in Northern Nevada.
OUR MISSION:  To educate in schools and programs and to support any other worthy charitable causes that
may enhance mankind's mental and philosophical evolution in all that is fine and noble.
An Educational and Charitable Foundation:  501(c) (3);  509 (a)(1) and 170 (b)(1)(A)(ii)  Federally qualified since 1973
In Planning Stage - A College High School in Northern Nevada:    Plans are currently being developed for a private
residence College High School
 in Northern Nevada for exceptionally bright students. The school will involve tuition for most
students. However, financial analysis indicates our ability to provide many students with 100% scholarships - including costs for
residence. Summer classes will be available. Any high school age youth will be eligible to apply. Course work to be accelerated.
Students will graduate high school while having had the opportunity to earn college credit, Some students may graduate with a
degree. Icon has an agreement with a top university. This school will work only for ambitious youth. The school is to be technology
based with professional, experienced tutors instead of teachers.  
The  photo at right,  
was taken at a party hosted by 'Community
Foundation of Northern Nevada'
at their Grant
Award Ceremony on June 26th, 2012 in Reno,
Nevada. In the photo are: many of the
Community Foundation representatives,
directors of other non profit organizations
and several directors of Icon Foundation,
including Harold Blethen Director of
Visionscope Institute, Michael Price V.P and
director of Icon, Marie N. Rolfe Exec. Director
of "Icon International Foundation and Ms.
Tracy Peterson Turner, PhD Program Officer
of the Community Foundation of Northern
Nevada. A good time was had by all..         
Thomas Jefferson   1816
THE PLAN,  is being finalized to do a School Bond Offering to fund purchase of property for the school. Management anticipates
the school will not open before 2016. Tentative plans include a campus large enough to include: tennis; stables - horses for
supervised recreation. Buildings will be 'primarily' one story, for safety reasons..A circular plan is being considered for the main
building structure of class rooms and resident rooms, with two wings expanding on either side of the front entrance to contain
most of the administration offices. Extensive consideration is being given to the layout of the structure to assure the safety of the
student residents. It is also possible an acceptable property such as a large ranch may become available with some structures.
Additional structures would be added.
Below are photos of sections of other facilities illustrating our intention to use: sky lights, and a circular design for the
main structure. We are using the facilities in these photos only as examples to give you an idea of our plan. Also
our building designs must accommodate for possible snow fall.  Architect's Illustrations will be available soon.
Visionscope Institute
The Institute presents free educational lectures at medical
facilities by professionals in the fields of eye diseases, eye
care. The Director of the Institute also holds regular sessions
at Senior Centers for discussion and to provide educational
materials. The Institute also provides when possible, fee
electronic readers to those who cannot afford them. Topics
covered are such as, current results of research at leading
research facilities and "determining to retain one's
independence while dealing with deteriorating vision

Visionscope presented the first of  its 2 hour
health seminar series on January 26. The next will
be on August 24th, 1:to 3:PM  at the Mack
Auditorium at Renown Hospital in Reno. Our
speaker, in August will be Gerald Hershewe,
Ophthalmologist who will discuss various eye
diseases and take questions. Refreshments
Meet the Ambassadors
of goodwill, sent to Earth
by a powerful Wizard to
help protect children of
all ages.
Please check out how
the Thunbuddies work
to teach children to
prevent Bullying
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